- Simon Speiser/Gusts of Wings/26.07.14Gusts of Wings

Scrubs and squalls of wind and fire flitting, cutting through the air, moving and being moved. All wound up, gusts of tiny wings curl the air, which vibrates back from different beings, balancing out the pushing around of fumey particles that surround us so strangely on this vivid planet.

The pushing around, the getting up closer, the touch through Newton's cradle, amusement for a teen spirit, squirming and cheering nervous with joy just for the reason of being. This humming joy is fueled with exquisite sugar water out of the blooming genitals of the speechless green, and driven by the necessity of living on the edge. Trapped in its genetic puzzle of hyper speed and mega metabolism.

Breaking the light, each feather projects a different shade out into the ocean of growing color, of pushing and moving things with spirit. Bouncing off faces, experiencing and comprehending the space, light, same as sound or wind travels, each at its own pace, connecting all elements of this multidimensional scope, changing with every turn, adapting and carrying information, the same as losing its cue and eventually summing up in the ever returning, almost silent but never total darkness.

Simon Speiser

1988 geboren in Regensburg

2008-2011 ABK Stuttgart

2011-2014 St├Ądel Schule Klasse